“As a family, we love the Autism Resource Centre, as they are family too. We have been associated with this centre since our son Andrew was little in the capacity of fundraising with the “Get Active 4 Autism” run. They have always welcomed us, making us feel like a part of their team. We are so grateful for all they do for our son. Just to elaborate on a few… through school, Andrew participated in the PAES program – He even went through it twice. On another occasion, the team provided their staff member to attend the Leboldus High School Drivers Education Class to assist Andrew. He has also participated in the cooking program, which he really enjoyed. Andrew has been assisted by the ARC staff with applying for employment, completing a job interview, and even on-the-job coaching. Between us and the team, we have coached Andrew on how to independently take city transit to and from work. Great accomplishment! Andrew attends the centre multiple days each week – Tuesdays for Chill & Connect and Wednesday night Social Drop-In – which he loves. I have watched the staff at a few events that I have attended and have seen the quality of people that they are. They go the extra mile to care for our young adults. There is no limit to the amount good that we can say about ARC and their staff. 😊 Thank you all!”  – A Parent of an Individual with ASD

“I am the one who feels lucky to have them under my supervision! Even on my worst days they are a bright spot of each day! Spending time around them is a privilege and a joy, and I look forward to our continued work together. They both bring such individual strengths and abilities to our workplace, that I can no longer recall not having them around. We are very happy to be so lucky that they chose us!” Employer Partner

“I am so grateful for the Autism Resource Centre, I don’t know where our lives would be without the support of this amazing organization! We have been members for more than 15 years and during these years our son has finally hit many milestones through the help and understanding of those who work with the individuals here. He is working part time, learned some valuable life skills, come to accept that he has autism and is finally willing to accept the help needed and be involved in groups with others like him. The struggles continue as life goes on, but they change as development and understanding change with our son. To have the support through all of these stages brings great peace of mind amidst the difficulties. Parent groups have also been valuable, being able to share experiences and know we are not alone. We want our son to be the best that he can be and reach his highest potential. I believe this is achievable through the competent staff at ARC. I can truly say that I’m proud to be involved with this organization!” – A Parent of and Individual with ASD

“I really appreciate how open you were to working with us.  Finding the appropriate service is an ongoing concern for families and it is such a relief when something is so easy! As well, I have to share how fabulous it was to work with people who were so positive, knowledgeable and accepting.  It is a rare and amazing feeling to be able to drop him off and not worry!  I was confident in the skills of those working with him and could tell they were confident in their ability as well.  What may seem like little things like always greeting him with a smile and talking to him rather than assuming that he would not understand or was not the primary client are really huge things and unfortunately often rarely encountered.   Thanks again and we hope to keep connected as this was a very positive experience for our family!”  – A Parent of an Individual with ASD

“Had the pleasure of seeing your crew at Dino Bouncers today- and as a former ARC worker was super impressed and proud to see the dedication and relationships your staff have built with the campers. One young dude was having what looked like a particularly rough go today and his workers handled the situation with grace and patience- while leaving his dignity intact- super important and sometimes hard to accomplish- but they did it. Thanks for doing such a great job with kids who otherwise might not be understood by our community at large.” – Dino Bouncers Employee

“Thank you for this amazing group of people to converse with and share each of our stories, challenges and support to each other. It was truly an amazing start to have discussions with others who are experiencing similar experiences and to be able to share was truly the perfect opportunity. I didn’t want to leave as it was like we just started and poof there went the 1.5 hrs….just wanted to express my gratitude for this group…..it was truly what I needed.” – Parent Support Group participant

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