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2024 ARC Summer Program

2024 Summer Program Registration Now Open!

Program registration will remain open until 11:59:59 PM on Sunday, April 21st. All registration forms submitted in this period will be placed in a randomized queue for week allocations—no priority is given to those that are first to submit the forms. It is our hope that by extending the period for registration, it will eliminate the stress that comes with needing to complete the forms a short time frame and better accommodate the various scheduling commitments and access to technology of our families.

It is important for those registering to be aware our summer program does not currently have the capacity to meet the demand in the community due to the limited amount of funding received to facilitate the program. Last year, we were put in a difficult position and had to deny over 30 families access to the program. Despite efforts to advocate for more funds, we anticipate even more families will have to be turned away. Completing a registration form or having attended camp in the past does not guarantee you will receive any weeks in our summer program.

***2024 Summer Program Registration Link***

Summer Program provides a safe, structured, goal and recreation-based opportunity for autistic youth to learn new skills and maintain a regular, daily routine through the summer months. The program allows kids to be kids as we share in new experiences and a variety of day trips and activities. Children and youth are paired one-to-one with a support staff. Together they follow an individualized program plan, and the staff member facilitates involvement in various planned activities.

In addition to a morning routine (individualized goals and life skill development interspersed with fun breaks) at the rented facilities in the south end of Regina, campers will have the opportunity to go on regular morning community outings in addition to swimming every afternoon. Campers must bring their own picnic-style lunch to camp each day to enjoy in the park.

Eligibility Requirements for Participants for Summer 2024:

  • Autism Diagnosis.
  • Minimum of 7 years of age by July 1, 2024.
  • Must be returning to school in Fall 2024.
  • Primarily resides in the home of the family/caregiver, which is in Regina or the previous RQHR boundary.
  • It is encouraged only those unable to participate successfully in other community-based summer programming apply.
  • Registration Information

    Steps for Registration:
    1. Prior to registration, ensure you have all the information you will need to complete the registration form online. You will be requested to provide the following information for each child attending camp:

      • Health Card Number
      • Doctor’s name
      • Parent / Guardian contact information
      • Name of school and teacher
      • Emergency contact information
      • Preferred weeks for Summer Camp (see below)

    Note: Information on medications will be collected during in-person meetings with directors.

    2. The program form will be available on the website on the morning of April 15th and will remain open until 11:59:59 PM on Sunday, April 21st.

      • In the past, not all of those registering within this time frame were able to get into camp; ensure you pay close attention to the closing date and time above.

    3. By the end of the morning on April 15th, you will find the registration form on ARC’s website (found from our homepage by navigating to: Services-> Summer Programs).

      • As there is a full week to register and we are not including a specific release time this year, those registering are encouraged to wait until later in the day or week to access the form to avoid too much traffic on the website at one time.

    4. No later than Tuesday, April 30th, you will receive an update via email which will state whether you received any camp weeks based on the randomized queue. If you were allocated weeks, the email will state the dates of the weeks set aside for the participant. It will also include a link to book your in-person meeting with the corresponding camp directors for this year based on the age of the participant.

      • The sooner you book your in-person meeting after receiving the link, the more options you will have for times to meet. In recognition of the fact making phone calls to set up these meetings pulls our staff away from their focus on programming with our members, we appreciate you taking the time to set this up yourself using the link that will be provided.

    5. Family meetings will then be held between May 3-May 10 with daytime, evening and weekend options available

      • Program fees must be paid, or a payment plan needs to be put in place, at this meeting.

      • If you are from out of town, we may be able to complete your final registration meeting over the phone. However, some forms must still be done in person or scanned/faxed before your registration is considered complete. If this is not done in a timely manner, you may forfeit your weeks to other families.

      • Camper weeks are not finalized until your in-person meeting. Therefore, it is important to attend as scheduled or provide adequate notice to re-book; if not, you may forfeit your weeks to other families.

      • Once fees have been paid, a non-refundable $50 administrative fee applies if week(s) are dropped and/or full withdrawal from the program occurs. Refunds for withdrawals requested after June 5, 2024, will only receive a refund if the week can be filled by another participant.

      • If no payment has been made by May 21, 2024, your weeks may be allocated to someone else. For those opting into a payment plan, a minimum of $100 must be paid by this date to hold your weeks.

    Week Selection
    Participants will be able to choose to register for 2-4 weeks in camp this year. Due to the administrative time involved in developing individualized support plans and goals for each participant, there is no longer an option to register for a single week. Registration will also be capped at 4 weeks this year to reflect growing demand.

      • It may increase the likelihood of acceptance into the program if there is flexibility in the weeks the camper attends; there will be an option to select more than the maximum number of weeks a camper is allowed on the registration form to allow for this.

      • Make sure you do not select any weeks that the participant will not be available to attend as requests to change weeks after they are assigned will not be possible to accommodate.

    The weeks available for the 2024 Summer Program are as follows:

      • Week One: Monday, July 8- Friday, July 12 ($325)
      • Week Two: Monday, July 15- Friday, July 19 ($325)
      • Week Three: Monday, July 22- Friday, July 26 ($325)
      • Week Four: Monday, July 29- Friday, August 2 ($325)
      • Week Five: Tuesday, August 6- Friday, August 9 ($260)
      • Week Six: Monday, August 12- Friday, August 16 ($325)
      • Week Seven: Monday, August 19- Thursday, August 22 ($260)

    Camp Fees
    As shared in the registration information sent out last year, camp fees are now $65/day. Therefore a 5-day week at camp will cost $325 and the 4-day weeks (Weeks 5 and 7) will cost $260.

    Camp participants are also required to have a valid ARC Membership. As registration is not guaranteed, we ask that you wait to renew your membership until your weeks are confirmed or at the time payment is collected.

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