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World Autism Day 2017

Above: Mirela, Kelsey Malek-Longpre, Mckenzie Herbert and Troy Dean.


April 2nd marked World Autism Day, inviting the world to learn more about friends, families, peers, co-workers, and neighbours from all backgrounds that are on the autism spectrum.

Today, one in every 68 children are diagnosed with autism, so if you think that you haven’t met a person with autism, chances are that you will soon. Here, at the Autism Resource Centre (ARC), we joyfully celebrate the gifts that autism brings to our community. It is our aim to empower young people to develop their abilities and share their perspectives with the world.

This month we are honoured to share Mirela’s story of growth and accomplishment! She recently finished the Autism Works Pre- Employment Program at ARC, and was hired as a Kitchen Utility Worker with Victoria Estates, a local retirement community.

Due to her willingness to learn, and her desire to do a great job, responsibilities at work quickly expanded, and Mirela says her favourite part of work is, “getting to know the residents and finding the items that they want for whatever they need.”